Bitwage.Me Tutorial

Discussion on basics of Bitwage.Me

How to Sign up For Bitwage.Me
1. To sign up for Bitwage.Me first sign up on the main bitwage sign up page.
2. Once this process is complete, log in to by clicking "LOGIN" in the upper right of the home page.
3. You now have access to Bitwage.Me and can proceed to subscribe to Bitwage.Me and set up a profile on Bitwage.Me.
How to Subscribe to Bitwage.Me
1. You can either click on a part of the site that requires a subscription. For example "MY PROFILE" in the center of the navbar on Or, you can go directly to
2. Once there, follow the directions, which will likely ask you to link a credit card if you have not yet done so.
How to Set up a profile on Bitwage.Me
1. Once subscribed, you can set up, view, and edit your profile at any time by clicking on "MY PROFILE" in the center of the navbar.
2. You can edit each section separately by clicking on the blue pencil icon.
3. You can choose between three levels of access to your profile 1) publicly searchable in our listing. 2) link only 3) only viewable by you. You can also delete your profile at any time.

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