Using Bitwage Invoicing with a Worker

To use Bitwage for invoicing and paying a contractor follow these steps.


1. This tutorial assumes you have added your worker to Bitwage and they have added their distribution method. 

Follow this tutorial on Adding Employees if you have not yet done this.


2. Your worker can now invoice you whenever they complete work.

Have them follow this tutorial on Invoicing Bitwage Employers.


3. You can review and accept their invoices whenever you want.

Follow this tutorial on Reviewing your Invoices as a Bitwage Employer.


4. After accepting an invoice, the payroll will be automatically be created.

If you have not set a default payment method, you will need to specify a payment method for the payroll to be completed.

If you wish to have bitwage debit from your bank account, follow this tutorial on Paying by ACH Debit.

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